Computer Science Course Project List

The project is being conducted jointly by IBM and GIL (Gujarat Informatics Limited) for developing a website with dynamic features of registration forms, uploading information etc. guided by Prof. R.B.Lenin (DA-IICT).

Elected as Team Leader of 10 members of a one Semester Project on Software Engineering for developing a interface of web site of Programming Contest :guided by Prof. Asim Banerjee (DA-IICT)

Design Project of One Semester of Web Based Application of Airline Reservation System with all features using the model developed in Database Management course in TOMCAT Server and using JSP coding guided by Prof. Anitosh Maitra (DA-IICT).

IBM Certified  for an E-governance project

Programming Contest

Airline Reservation System

Project List

Excellence Through Hardship

Computational and Systems  Biology Projects .

 Modeling of HIV-1 Virus

This is one semester project as a part of Foundation on Computational and Systems Biology course. The aim of the project is to learn process algebra and stochastic pi calculus to model pathway of HIV-1 Attack to CD+T4 Cell . This project is guided by Prof Manish K. Gupta (DA-IICT)

 Simulation of Bio chemical reaction

This is one month project as a part of Introduction to discrete simulation course. The aim of the project is to simulate  Bio chemical reactions in SpiM. This project is guided Prof R.B.Lenin (DA-IICT)

 CLC Work Bench

This was one month project as a part of Introduction to Biotechnology Course. This was to understand Bio Simulation Software. This project was guided by Prof. Sunita Jha (External Faculty DA-IICT)

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