Excellence Through Hardship

 The following are the talks given by me on Systems Biology at DA-IICT

Half an Hour Talk on Computation Biology and Bio-Simulation Software. This was led by demonstration of CLC Workbench Software. Date 10/10/06 DA-IICT

 One and half hour Talk on Process Algebra and Stochastic pi Calculus and the theory of automata and formal languages related to bio chemical transactions.

Date 27/09/07 DA-IICT

One hour talk on Abstract state Machines of System Biology and Bio Chemical Tool Kits. This was followed by Basics of Retrovirus, Provirus and one such virus HIV-1.

Date 15/06/07 DA-IICT

Talks and Presentation

   The following are the Non Technical Presentation given by me.

 Presentation on “Internal Control of an Organization” as a part of course in Introduction to Business and Finance.

 Complete report on advantages of  Open Source and Free software's as a part of course “Science and Society”

 Complete report on U.S Economy and Emergence of U.S as a superpower as a part of course Prospective of Development.

                            Muskan Kukreja