This course intend to built foundation of computational and systems biologist to computer science engineers.

Sequencing and Micro array, genome Assembly , Tools and Databases , Computational gene Hunting, Protein Folding, RNA World . Gene, Protein and Membrane Machine , Human Pathogens, Cancer genomics, gene Regulatory networks, Phylogenetic trees.

Assignments: Using Phylogenetic trees Analysis,  ORF Finding Algorithm to find genes in HIV-1, SARS . Modeling of Chemical reaction from ODE to Stochastic calculus using BioSpi, SpiM Simulator.

Guided by : Prof Manish K.Gupta (DA-IICT)

Foundation of Computation and Systems Biology

Electives pursuing

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Deterministic/ Non Deterministic Finite state Automata , Pushdown Automata, Turning Machines, Regular Languages, Context free Grammars, NP— P Hard Problems.

Guided by Prof Naresh Jotwani (DA-IICT)

Random variables, continuous and discrete probabilistic distribution, Discrete Event Simulation, Markov Chains, Queuing models .

Project : Using BioSpiM and SpiM simulating various bio chemical reaction.

Guided by : Prof R.B.Lenin (DA-IICT)

Theory and model of Computation

Introduction to Discrete Simulation

Electives taken

Complexity Analysis, Greedy Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Backtracking, Las Vegas and Monte Carlo Algorithms. Shortest Path Algorithms and Sorting Algorithms.

Projects: Solving 8 queen problem, Lowest common subsequence problem,

Finding shortest path using Kruskal Algorithm.

Computer Algorithms : Grade A                  Prof Naresh Jotwani        

Introduction to Biotechnology : Grade A    Prof Sunita Jha        

Central Dogma Principle, Structure of DNA, RNA and Protein, Concept of DNA Cloning, Primers, Stem cell therapy .

Introduction to Cryptography : Grade A      Prof Manik Das        

Public—private key Cryptography, Hash function (MD5, SH-5) , IDEA , Kerberos protocol, Web Security, RSA.

Distributed Computing  :                              Prof V.Sunitha        

Algorithms of Distributed Computing.

Projects: Implementing Chat server, RMI, J2SE Application, Web Page using JSP. Java Beans and Java Script Implementation.

Excellence Through Hardship

                            Muskan Kukreja