Courses : Calculus and Complex variables, Structured Programming, Computer System Organization, Basic Electronics Circuits, Anthropology.

GPA : 6/10

Semester I

Transcript and Course Description

Courses : Linear Algebra and Matrices, Object Oriented Programming, Digital Circuit and Micro processing, Communication Physics, Principles of Economics, Introduction to Design

GPA : 6.7/10

Semester II

Courses : Data Base Management System, Solid State Devices, Probability and Statistics, Basics of Communication, Science and Society

GPA : 9.37/10

Semester IV

Semester III

Courses : Data Structures and Algorithm, Discrete Mathematics, Integrated Analog Electronics, Signals and System, Introduction to Business and Finance, Experiments in Physics

GPA : 9.05/10

Semester V

Courses : Operating System, Computer Networks, Computer Algorithms, Introduction to Biotechnology, Digital Communication

GPA : 9.55/10

Semester VI

Courses : Software Engineering, Distributed Computing, Introduction to Cryptography, Modern Communication System, Prospective of Development

GPA : 8/10

Total Avg GPA : 8.08/10(Overall ) , 8.24/10 (ICT Major)

Excellence Through Hardship

Semester VII (Pursuing)

Courses : Models of Computational, Introduction to Discrete Simulation, Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology, Organizational Behavior, Environmental Studies.


Semester VIII( Next Year JAN-APRIL)

B.Tech Project (For Full Semester).

Interest : Use concepts of system biology and various calculi to model bio-chemical reaction, thereby validating them in Simulator .

Any work related to computer science which can add a new dimension in solution to system and computational biology problems.

Muskan Kukreja