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Gupta Lab

Laboratory of Natural Information Processing

Research in our lab currently focuses on two aspects of information processing viz. deciphering the information processing principles in life (systems biology) and building a computer out of bio-molecules (synthetic biology). The key expertise of the lab is in error-correcting codes. We also work in classical and quantum information processing principles with expertise in coding theory and its wide variety of applications in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Our research areas includes mathematics and its elegant applications in Emerging Technologies: DNA digital data storage, DNA computing, chemical computing, coding theory, quantum computing, quantum machine learning, quantum error correction, cryptography, quantum algorithms, synthetic biology, DNA nanotechnology and bioinformatics.


Try creating 3D structure using DNA via the new tool of the Lab, 3DNA
Try storing your facebook/youtube big data on DNA via the new tool of the Lab, DNA Cloud
Try writing at nano-scale via the new tool of the Lab, DNA Pen
Try analyzing spectrum of biological sequences via the new tool of the Lab, Biospectrogram
The 2011 DA-IICT Biomod (Harvard University) Team
Manish Gupta attended Microsoft Research Summit 2009 (July 13-14) at Redmond, USA
Try writing DNA programs via the new tool of the Lab, XTile: An Error Correction Package for DNA Self Assembly


We gratefully acknowledge the support of our research by the following organizations:

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